Parent Teacher League

Parent Teacher League

Purpose of PTL

The purpose of St. John’s Parent Teacher League (PTL) is to provide an environment where parents and teachers can come together to promote the ministry of St. John Lutheran School. This will be accomplished through educational, fellowship, and service activities.

To achieve this purpose, our PTL shall seek to:

  • Help parents increasingly understand and appreciate their children, and to provide parents with the skills needed for Christian child training.
  • Help teachers increasingly understand the needs of the Christian home, and to extend their influence into the home.
  • Help develop a closer relationship between the home and the congregation’s educational agencies, especially through closer cooperation between parents and teachers.

PTL sponsors numerous events throughout the year to enrich our school family environment and enhance the learning opportunities of our children. Our events and fund raising programs offer fellowship and service opportunities as well as funds that provide necessities for our school. PTL also gives back to the community and school every year through donations of its own.

For more information about PTL or to get in contact with our Board members, you can visit our member page and read about our events and fundraisers.