Does your child want to play an instrument, basketball, volleyball, or soccer?

St John has all of these opportunities and more. Each year, St. John fields teams of students for various sports, musical groups, and drama, and each year students receive special achievement awards for their participation and school spirit.

It takes a lot of extra time, dedication, and parental support to participate in extra-curricular activities that require regular practice, skill development, and competition against neighboring schools. While most music and drama activities are integrated into the school day, others require after-school practices.

All activities teach the students the fundamentals to participate effectively whether it be acting, singing, bumping a volleyball, or dribbling a basketball. Coaches and directors also teach leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and good Christian competitive behavior.

More detailed information is available on this site for each of the following school-hosted programs.

You can also read more bout our achievement awards ceremony that is held each year in the spring.