Members 2015/2016
3K $500
1st   Child K (Full Time) – 8th Tuition $1350
2nd  Child K (Full Time) – 8th Tuition $1250
3rd  Child K (Full Time) – 8th Tuition $1150
Non-Members 2015/2016
3K $950
1st   Child K (Full Time) – 8th Tuition $2400
2nd  Child K (Full Time) – 8th Tuition $2300
3rd  Child K (Full Time) – 8th Tuition $2200
  • Tuition Tax Deduction
  • Pre-Payment Discount
    1. If payment is made in full by 7/1/15, you will receive $100.00 per child off of tuition
    2. If a family pays 1/3 of the total tuition owed for the 2015/2016 school year by 7/31/15, you will receive $50.00 per child off of tuition.
  • First Year Student (K-6th Grade)

Any first year student (K-6th Grade) receives Member Rate. This includes any Kindergarten student who attended St. John School 4K.

  • Payment Schedule – The payments are due by the 1st of every month (September – May), and will be 1/9th of the total balance due at the beginning of the school year. Payments will be rounded to whole numbers with the last month’s balance due being a smaller payment that brings the balance to $0.
  • Financial Aid – If you anticipate a need for financial aid request applications are available in the school office. They should be filled out and turned in as soon as possible. (We would prefer these prior to the beginning of school.)
  • Scrip – purchases can be used to offset tuition or 7th / 8th grade class trip expenses.  This is a simple program where vendors provide a discount for pre-purchases SCRIP (to offset operating expenses). This is a simple program that allows you to spend exactly the same dollars you would normally spend for       things like gas, groceries, restaurants, etc and apply the discounts to your tuition. You may start participating any time and use the credits towards next year’s tuition (a great way to minimize your pre-         payment). There is no fee to participate. Please see Ed Marks for more information on this program.
  • Finances- Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21. Please realize that the approximate yearly cost of educating a child at St. John is in the $5,500 range.  Tuition fees only cover a small percentage of those costs. The balance is covered by contributions to the congregation. Please keep this in mind and in your prayers as you make your own stewardship decisions. We all need to reflect our thankfulness to the Lord through the method in which we use His gifts to us.
  • We now accept Credit Cards in the Office for TUITION!